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Gifford offers a wide variety of rehabilitation services for both inpatients (hospitalized patients) and outpatients (those visiting by appointment). Rehabilitation services include:
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Physical therapy
Physical therapy helps people of all ages and abilities increase strength, flexibility, joint movement and balance. It assists individuals in improving their functional recovery from sports and work injuries, fractures, joint replacements and surgeries, and arthritis and other pain-related ailments. Specially trained and highly skilled physical therapists work one-on-one with patients to achieve their goals.

In addition to traditional orthopedic physical therapy, Gifford also offers specialized programs for:
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Lymphedema
  • Balance disorders, such as vertigo, vestibular imbalances and general balance deficits
Aquatics therapy is also offered utilizing Vermont Technical College’s SHAPE facility in Randolph Center and the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in White River Junction.

Outpatient physical therapy appointments are available weekdays, with some early morning and early evening appointments available.

Adult outpatient physical therapy is offered at:
Kingwood Health Center........ (802) 728-7100
Sharon Health Center........... (802) 763-8000
Advance Physical Therapy.....
(802) 295-7333

Pediatric outpatient physical therapy is offered at:

Gifford Pediatrics
40 S. Main St. in Randolph.....
(802) 728-7100

Occupational therapy
Occupational therapy helps people of all ages with a variety of physical, psychological or cognitive functioning impairments attain or resume participation in everyday activities. Impairments may be the result of developmental disorders, physical illness, trauma or the aging process. Help available from our experienced occupational therapists, includes:
  • Handy therapy for upper extremity conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries and tennis elbow
  • Training techniques and assistive devices for activities of daily living, including basic self-care skills
  • Improvement of functional abilities, such as cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Assessment of development levels, including motor skills, play, self-help skills and sensory processing
  • Worksite evaluations for ergonomics
Adult occupational therapy is offered at:
Kingwood and Sharon health centers

Pediatric occupational therapy is offered at:
Gifford Pediatrics, next to the hospital at 40 S. Main St.

Occupational therapy appointments are scheduled through the Rehabilitation Services Department at the Kingwood Health Center. Call Kingwood at (802) 728-7100 to schedule an appointment.

Speech therapy
Speech therapy addresses communication and swallowing disorders, helping people of all ages regain or improve their ability to communicate through speech. Through the use of training and exercises, speech therapy assesses and treats:
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Cognitive and developmental impairments, including delayed speech in childhood
  • Speech loss from a stroke, other ailment or post-surgery
  • Speech disorders, such as stuttering or difficulty forming words
Outpatient adult speech therapy is available at:
Kingwood Health Center

Pediatric outpatient speech therapy is available at:
Gifford Pediatrics, next to the hospital at 40 S. Main St.

Call Kingwood at (802) 728-7100 to schedule an appointment.

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Gifford Medical Center offers complete inpatient rehabilitation following an injury, surgery or an acute illness. Inpatient rehabilitation includes the expert supports needed to get you home, and back to your life as well as respite care for people caring for loved ones at home.

If you’re planning a surgery or anticipating an inpatient rehabilitation stay, download our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit brochure to learn what to expect and how to prepare for your stay.

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